Franklin, Indiana

Franklin, Indiana, along with other towns such as Cumberland, Greenwood, Fishers, Carmel, Whiteland and Speedway, is a major suburb to metropolitan Indianapolis, capital of Indiana. Located just some fifteen minutes to the south of Indy on the Interstate-65, Franklin residents enjoy the best of both worlds. They live in a nice, medium-sized city, complete in itself, and with its own distinct character. But they also have the option of an easy commute to the Big City, in case of cabin fever.

In the 2007 census, the population of Franklin was recorded as 22,672. County seat of Johnson County, the city was named after one of the most famous statesmen and thinkers in the history of the western world, Benjamin Franklin.

The history of Franklin dates back to 1822, when it was officially founded. To this day, many examples of the period’s architecture, carefully maintained, dot the city.

During the 1920s, the town of Franklin, Indiana was launched onto the map when some local basketball players suddenly became famous. The “Franklin Wonder Five,” as they were known, not only became famous champions, but helped bring their home town fame and fortune as well.

Franklin downtown has made something of a name for itself for its charming and well preserved architecture, unique and fun restaurants and shops, as well as Franklin College, a respected higher learning facility.

Make no mistake, however. The community is an active and forward-looking one, intent upon honoring healthy growth as well as tradition. The excellent geographical access of the city makes it highly attractive to businesses. And the place simply springs to life after sundown, with a community nightlife that energizes locals and non-locals
alike. By day, the Parks and Recreation Department is continually working to expand and improve, offering tons of attractions to Franklin’s active residents, beautiful expanses of green spaces for the spirit and special events for the whole community.

The Franklin Action Park, The Franklin Senior Center, Blue Heron Challenge Course, the Johnson County Museum of History and the Franklin Cultural Arts and Recreation Center are only a few of the public amenities offered by the city.

A very bright spot indeed among the many Franklin Parks and Recreation offerings is its historic Franklin Greenway Trail. This walking-hiking trail meanders through many points of interest and lovely stretches of parks, tying together much of the parks and historic sites in the community.

Several famous people come from Franklin, Indiana, and some, such as musician Jon Schaffer, have made internationally-recognized names for themselves. Check out our list of famous people from Franklin.

A list of major Franklin attractions would have to include architectural landmarks such as the Johnson County Courthouse, and the popular Artcraft Theatre, an Art-Deco style movie theater built in 1922, now a proud part of Franklin’s roots, under the wing of Franklin Heritage, Inc., a non-profit. community development organization.