Franklin, Indiana Children: Flourishing in Middle America

In the fast-growing Indianapolis suburb of Franklin, Indiana, family is placed high on the pedestal. Franklin children, therefore, are some of the luckiest creatures on the planet. They have all the benefits of growing up in a pleasant, tranquil and upward-moving community that happens to be situated right next door to the capital of Indiana, where fun Indianapolis activity centers for kids and family Indianapolis sightseeing opportunities are practically unlimited.

For kids, fun things to do in Franklin revolve mostly around the Franklin Parks and Recreation system and the Franklin educational system.
The Franklin Cultural Arts and Recreation Center, for example, is a community-sponsored facility that offers just about every kind of activity, from sports to culture, that adults and children in Franklin could possibly wish for. Inside the CARC, kids can play volleyball or basketball and even learn how to do rock climbing at the Mountain Dew Climbing Wall. Training is available for all the basics in rock-climbing and the necessary equipment that goes with it.

Another center for activity for Franklin children is referred to under the general umbrella of “Franklin Aquatics Programs.”
These programs, hosted by the Franklin Parks and Recreation Department, offer swimming and diving lessons, as well as scuba and lifeguard training. Franklin kids make up a popular swim team called the Aquatots, and the community organizes various swim competitions.

Other than these organized activities, provided for Franklin children of all ages, there are always fun things to do in Franklin on a spontaneous basis. Kids and hike, bike and skate all over town, go camping or simply enjoy life in the Midwest, one of the finest lives available to humans on planet earth.

Don’t forget, Indianapolis is just a glance away. If you’re interested in kid-stuff for Franklin children, check out the never-ending list of Indianapolis attractions and things to do in Indianapolis.

Franklin Children

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