The Franklin Guide to Vintage Shopping

Franklin is a small town of about 25,000 people. Like most small suburban towns in America, it has a movie theater, nice parks, a good library. But Franklin has something else: a downtown block lined entirely with vintage and antique shops, which sell everything from odd trinkets and plants to antique wedding dresses and large armoires.  These resale and vintage stores have only increased in number in the past year, and residents from all over central Indiana come to find hidden treasures in their rooms and rooms of stuff.

Here is the first part of your guide to Franklin’s vintage/resale/antique district. The stores are listed in order of their location on Jefferson Street, in Franklin’s downtown.

Thanks for the Thyme: This is my personal favorite of the vintage stores on Jefferson Street. The store carries such a strangeTeapot and tea cup filled with plants at Thanks for the Thyme collection of trinkets, it was hard to ever leave. As I walked through the rooms I couldn’t help but feel that if I didn’t spend an hour pouring my eyes over every inch I would miss something amazing. The store sells plants, and many of them come in antique teapots, copper kettles and cups. In the front room, a stuffed owl is mounted, ready to be sold, on a tall pedestal. A bowl of pipes comes complete with an ancient packet of pipe cleaner, and a stack of beaten, chipped baseball bats rest behind a pail of used baseballs dotted with faded autographs. I picked up two things here: an art deco book stop that expands to hold more books, and I small copper saucer with an ivy plant inside. The oddness and fun of the items at Thanks for the Thyme make it one of the most unique vintage stores I’ve ever visited.

Salvage Sisters: Salvage Sisters is huge, and has a lot of beautiful furniture. The store is made up of booths run by different vendors. But the store feels united by common themes in the items sold, a lot of which are old tables – end, dining and coffee – with cracked and chiseled paint; pillows sewn with colorful prints; and wall art lifted straight from 20th century homes. Here, you’ll find both vintage items touched up only minimally alongside ones that have been painted and fixed up by the designers and artists who sell theExterior of Salvage Sistersm. The store has everything you could want, from bigger furniture to decorations and smaller oddities.

Marshmallow Monkey: The first thing you see at this store is plants. The porch is covered in green, leafy and colorfully flowered plants. The Marshmallow Monkey is a combination vintage store and florist, and you can buy herbs and flowers, along with homemade candles. The Monkey has some of the most colorful items, including a teal blue dresser and printed chairs. I recommend this store for larger furniture and all your plant needs.

Those are the first of your three vintage stores. Come back tomorrow to make the rest of our way down Jefferson Street.