Franklin July, 2009 Home Sales Climate

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  With popular attractions like Franklin College, Frankin has remained a favorite Indiana community in which to live and work. Because of its close proximity to Indianapolis, Franklin homes have been a destination over the years for those interested in the Indianapolis real estate market. You can’t escape a night of television without hearing about the tough state of our United States economy, but what has been the effect of our financial crisis on Franklin homes and other Indianapolis homes for sale?

The Indiana Association of REALTORS® wondered about the same so they conducted research to study the effect of homes sales on Indiana counties and nearly all reported back their respective data. The report, hosted by Indiana Is Home, reflected that home sales are continuing to drop statewide, although the rate is decreasing, which is a positive trend.


Even better news was reported for Johnson County which cited a 9.4% increase in the sale of homes from the time studied, July ’08 to July ’09. With an almost 7% decrease felt across the entire state, this reported increase is staggering. Also noted was a slight increase in the selling prices of homes in Johnson County, from $126,500 to $128,000.

Franklin homes were not quite as fortunate overall. They reported numbers slightly worse than the state average, at 11.6% decrease, from 43 homes sold in 2008 to 38 sold in 2009. Greenwood, on the other hand, experienced a large jump in home sales from July to July. If neighboring communities are doing well, it’s possible this will eventually benefit those they surround.

With nearly 300 Franklin homes for sale currently, ranging from $20,000 to almost $2 million, there are a wide variety of housing to choose from for today’s Franklin buyers. Here are some ways to work with your Franklin REALTOR® to help sell your home:

Sell Franklin’s retail opportunities. With Franklin’s close proximity to Indianapolis, Greenwood and even Edinburgh Premium Outlets, an almost endless array of choices of shopping are available within a close drive. While all buyers may not initially think this is an important amenity, it doesn’t hurt to sell this as a benefit to living among such opportunties. Since gas prices have gone up over the years, being in close range to conveniences is always an important point to sell.

Sell Franklin’s charm. Even though Franklin is close to many metropolitan areas, it is still tucked away and has retained its quaint atmosphere. Many buyers will find this charm appealing and be more likely to move to Franklin if you point out its benefits of less traffic and lower crime.

Sell Franklin’s access to education. Franklin is home to a prestigious opportunity for higher education, Franklin College. Not many Indiana cities can claim to have a university in their own backyard. Not only is this college actually in Franklin itself but there are numerous other resources for such an education nearby such as Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and its branch in Columbus, IUPUC. Again, selling that such conveniences are close by will be an important selling point for the Franklin community because it cuts down on gas and car maintenance.

Franklin real estate has a lot to offer for today’s house hunter in terms of its charm and convenience. With statistics not looking as good as they perhaps could be, it might be bit of a struggle selling your Franklin home. However, if you work with your REALTOR® to sell the advantages to living in a small town, in comparison to some of the surrounding communities, you will be that much farther ahead of the competition when your home hits the market.