January Franklin Home Sales Up 20 Percent Versus Last Year

There were 165 homes for sale in Franklin in January, or 6.2 percent fewer, compared to the previous month’s total of 176. By way of comparison, there were 2.4 percent fewer Indianapolis homes for sale during this same period. But the 165 homes listed for sale in Franklin Indiana in January represents a 31.2-percen t […]

Franklin Closings Rise 28.6 Percent in December, 2011

While the Indianapolis real estate market saw an 8.4-percent drop in total listings the Franklin market nearly matched this as there were 7.9 percent fewer homes on the market versus the previous month.  In our 1-year comparison, there December’s total of 176 Franklin homes for sale represents a significant 27.6-percent decrease compared to December of […]

Franklin Pending Sales Rise 58.3 Percent in November, 2011

While there was 4.1 percent less real estate and homes for sale in Indianapolis in November compared to the previous month, a larger 8.2-percent drop in listings was seen in the Franklin market over this same period. What what’s truly impressive is the fact that the Franklin real estate market saw a precipitous 25.7-percent drop […]

Franklin Real Estate Report – June 2010

The good news was that sales in Franklin, Indiana were up 2.9 percent. Tempering this news, however, is the fact that “2.9 percent”, in this case, translates into exactly 1 more sale than the previous month. Woohoo!!! Seriously though, any positive movement in this statistical category is good news, considering the alternative is zero, or […]

Franklin Homes Spend an Average of 94 Days on Market in May, 2010

As has been the case for most central Indiana cities, we have seen just slight increases in some cases, but more often, slight decreases in the total number of pending sales recorded in May, 2009. Alongside this movement we have seen a disproportionately large decrease in the total number of pending sales. This market behavior […]

Franklin Homes Sales Down 32.6 Percent Versus Last April

Since reaching a 15-month low of just 20 sales in December of 2009 the total number of homes sold has not once moved in a negative direction. The most recent example of this sustained momentum could be seen as sales climbed from a total of 29 in March to 31 in April. While this is […]

Franklin Home Sales Drop 17.9 Percent in March, 2010

There was a 17.9-percent drop in the total number of homes sold in Franklin, Indiana, with 28 sales in February compared to just 23 in March.  Compared to the 24 sales in March of 2009 this is a 4.2-percent drop. However, this is an increase of 76.9 percent when compared to the market 15 months […]

Franklin Real Estate Report

The vicissitudes of the seasons have a counterpart in the Franklin real estate market, although not nearly to the extent as with other Central Indiana cities.  For home sellers in Franklin, the seasons indeed appear to be changing as the number of homes sold in February jumped significantly from last month to reach a total […]

Franklin July, 2009 Home Sales Climate

With popular attractions like Franklin College, Frankin has remained a favorite Indiana community in which to live and work. Because of its close proximity to Indianapolis, Franklin homes have been a destination over the years for those interested in the Indianapolis real estate market. You can’t escape a night of television without hearing about the […]