Blue Heron Park and Wetland

Franklin, Indiana has a lot going on for such a small community, especially for active members of the population. The Franklin Wonder Five Center is a great place to play Franklin sports, and the Cultural Arts and Recreation Center is a massive gym, sports arena, and fitness central for the Franklin health system. However, both of these fitness areas are indoors, which is great for the freezing Indiana winters that pass through Franklin, but not so good for fresh air. Spend too much time inside, and you’ll get pale, listless, and probably anti-social. Luckily for Franklin fitness buffs and Franklin fun lovers, the city also has an assortment of parks for outdoor exercise. Probably the most comprehensive and unique of these Franklin parks is the Blue Heron Park and Wetland, located just off of Highway 31.

The Blue Heron Park and Wetland is comprised of 55 acres of all natural Indiana countryside. The park is in the perfect location on the borders of Franklin; it’s far enough outside the city that visitors can feel isolated (except for their companions at the park) but close enough that you don’t have to take a day trip to get there. Like many other parks in Central Indiana and Indianapolis, the Blue Heron Park and Wetland has the usual assortment of playgrounds, shelter houses, and nature areas. The playgrounds are great for Franklin children to climb, slide, and roughhouse on, while the shelter houses are fantastic for family get togethers and outdoor parties in the summer. The surroundings of the Blue Heron Park and Wetland are beautiful: 12 acres of colorful wildflowers are truly a sight to see. Also, the Historic Franklin Greenway Trail makes a short run through the Blue Heron Park and Wetland.

But what sets the Blue Heron Park and Wetland apart from other Indiana parks (aside from the bevy of flowers) is right in its name: the wetlands. Wetlands are some of the most biologically diverse and important biospheres in the continental United States, and Franklin has a nice one at Blue Heron Park and Wetland. The wetland is completely natural, and is the focus of education programs at Custer Baker Intermediate School, a Franklin school. A boardwalk connects the Blue Heron Park with the Blue Heron Wetland, including a portion that goes right out over the water. If you’ve never seen a wetland, you might imagine it to be smelly and full of snakes, but a wetland is not a swamp. It may be full of snakes, but they won’t bite; besides, the Blue Heron Wetland has plenty of gorgeous vistas, especially along the boardwalk. Take a short walk along the boardwalk and you’ll see all sorts of beautiful flora and fauna, from majestic waterfowl (including blue herons, the park’s namesake) to flowering lily pads.

Aside from the natural beauty present at the Blue Heron Park and Wetland, the nature area also has a feature Franklin businesses lacking coordination will love: a low ropes challenge course. The challenge course has 22 difficult, inventive obstacles to overcome on your way to a tighter, more coordinated team, whether you’re building rapport among your sales staff or teaching team members to rely on one another. Each obstacle requires team work, problem solving, and a little imagination to get through, making participants use their heads as well as their bodies. At the end of a run through the Blue Heron Challenge Course, you and your team will feel more confidence in your abilities and individual qualities.

The Blue Heron Park and Wetland is a unique Indiana park in Franklin, Indiana. With 55 acres at your disposal, you could tour the park many times and still find more Franklin things to do here. Playgrounds, shelter houses, and open fields are typical features of Indiana parks, but Blue Heron Park and Wetland goes far beyond that. The wetlands alone are worth the price of admission (free), with its wildlife, ecological benefits, and unexpected beauty. The Blue Heron Challenge Course is the perfect team building exercise for your business, sports team, or family; participants will have to work together to achieve victory. Visit the Blue Heron Park and Wetland to experience one of the most distinctive parks this side of Indianapolis!

Blue Heron Park and Wetland
Highway 31 and Franklin Lakes Blvd
Franklin, IN 46131

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